Today bitumen is obtained mainly from crude oil,
which is stored deep beneath the earth’s surface and brought to the surface through drilling.

Solid foothold from the start

LAB-OIL has not lagged behind even with the sale of bitumen, which brings it from the Fier refinery. This product has also enjoyed continuous growth and good customer penetration, thus continuing to cover a significant part of the needs of the domestic market.

The trade with bitumen has grown continuously and could inspire with a good customer penetration. Therefore, bitumen, imported from Albania and distributed by LAB-OIL, dominates the Kosovar domestic market and covers most of the nationwide demand.

Your way to us

LAB-OIL has several modern selling points for its high quality products such as diesel, gasoline and gas (LPG). At the points of sale, you will also find quality oils and other consumables or spare materials for cars. In the coming years we will significantly increase the number of modern retail outlets.