Diesel and gasoline

…the stability and resilience that Lab-Oil has created throughout its experience,
turning it into the leading enterprise for trading hydrocarbon products.

Not just any fuel, but diesel and gasoline from LAB-OIL

Modern cars have specific requirements regarding the type of diesel and gasoline. LAB-OIL offers quality diesel and gasoline for summer and winter working conditions but also according to the specifications required by vehicle manufacturers.

LAB-OIL brings to the Kosovo market and the region different types of gasoline (98 and 100 octane unleaded), diesel and gas (liquefied petroleum gas-LPG) which is also used in gastronomy and households.

The first LAB-OIL initiatives started with 10 million liters of diesel in 2011, then with a significant increase in 2012 reaching 20 million; in 2013 with 33 million; in 2014 with 67 million liters and in 2015 LAB-OIL has managed to import over 100 million liters of fuel.

From 2014 onwards LAB OIL holds the main burden of supplying the Kosovo market with 40-45% effective participation.

The best for your cars

LAB-OIL boasts an extensive list of quality fossil oil products traded not only in Kosovo but also in the region. In addition to oil and gasoline of different grades, we are the first to bring pet coke to Kosovo. We also offer fuel oil and bitumen for private and state businesses.