…the stability and resilience that Lab-Oil has created throughout its experience,
turning it into the leading enterprise for trading hydrocarbon products.


Pictures sometimes say more than words! Take a look at the photos to discover our service stations, where you can buy not only high-quality fuels, but also numerous other products related to vehicles or for your personal needs.

Get an impression of our production facilities. For example, get to know our factory for the production of petroleum coke in grain size of 90 microns or the central terminal near Pristina.

Here you will get a visual impression of our work and our locations.

Our advantages

  • With LAB-OIL diesel and gasoline you will increase the life of your vehicles and work machines.
  • Increase and ensure the quality of your industrial products
  • You work with a company that cooperates with international organizations and agencies, government institutions and civil society organizations and has been able to gain their trust.